A new coronavirus Update mutation was discovered

In this paragraph When the worries about Corona are almost at an end, the new Corona 20 is growing in the minds of people around the world. It is known that this virus is more dangerous than Covid 19. Its origin is shown in European countries. India has already canceled all its flights from Europe. This covid 20 jumps from England to France. Lockdown has been issued again in England. The central government is keeping watch on it that it does not increase in India.

Corona National Updates

India ranks third in terms of covid positives. Until now in the country – covid total cases 10.2M, Recovered 9.76M, Deaths 148K(source Google). The recovery rate in India is more than 90 percent. Coronavirus update

coronavirus update
coronavirus update


Corona Global Update

In the whole world Total covid Active cases 80.4M, Recovered 45.4M, Deaths 1.76M.

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