Is it possible to live up to 150 years?

How long can you survive, what the researchers say? Survive many days. Hold youth. Every one of these longings rotate in the personalities of individuals. So research on it has been continuing for quite a while. American essayist Mark Twain said that life would have been a lot more joyful on the off chance that … Read more

NASA will send 128 glow-in-the-dark baby squids in Space

water bears space

  NASA will send little water bears to space 3rd june, NASA will send 128 glow-in-the-dark baby squids and some 5000 tardigrader ( water bears) to the International Space Station for research purposes. The water animals, which will be lanched aboard SpaceX’s 22nd cargo resupply mission to the IIS. Are part of experimantals that could … Read more