Fix .exe has Stopped Working Problem

Are you getting windows application any types of error like background.exe, fix .exe, application.exe, winkbmgr.exe has stopped working then I will guide you how can be fixed those type of error. I also make one video how can you implement this issue step by step in an easy way.

Windows can check online for a solution to the problem but it is checking a long time after getting error windows unable to fix this issue. You can be fixed this issue yourself follow these steps.

OS Requirement: In this tricks work the only following system like Windows 7, 8.1, Win 10, Server 8 to 16

To Fixed Application Follow Steps

Clean Temp File

To clean temp file you need to open run ( Windows Key + R or click on start and search run) after open run box just types ” temp ” & press enter you getting many files in temp folder just select all file folder and delete it.

After back to run box and type ” %temp%” then select all file and folder then press delete. If you getting any error then please close all running applications then perform these steps.

When the temp file successfully deletes then you need to delete the prefetch file. How can you delete the prefetch file? Follow again the goto run box and type ” prefetch ” after open prefetch files then again delete all.


Application Problem Fixed


You need many steps to fix this issue. check the below video to easily fix this issue.




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