How to Burn Belly Fat ! Don’t forget to eat these 5 foods

How to Burn Belly Fat

Research has shown that some people do not have enough breakfast in the current lifestyle. Some people eat very unhealthy food..

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Belly fat not only spoils the beauty of our body but is also extremely harmful to our health. Excess fat in the abdomen can cause multiple diseases in the body Research has shown that most of the people who are admitted to the gym or fitness center are suffering from some or the other disease. And that’s why I was admitted to the gym to reduce belly fat Various researches have shown that some people do not eat breakfast in the current lifestyle. Some people eat very unhealthy food Due to this, their body weight continues to increase However, if you want to keep your body healthy and reduce belly fat, you should never eat these 5 foods for breakfast.


How to Burn Belly Fat

1. Processed food- You should stop eating processed food for breakfast in the morning It is the opposite of hite 6 Eating processed or packaged food unknowingly increases your fat Processed food usually contains preservatives Besides, it is very harmful to health due to excessive amount of oil, spices etc. Chips, popcorn, frozen food should be avoided

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2. Use of cakes and cookies – Flour, sugar and saturated fats are used to make cakes or cookies. All these ingredients are very harmful to the body So you should eat bread, curry or fruit for breakfast

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3. Noodles – Noodles are made of flour Although it is very tasty to eat, it should not be eaten at breakfast at all


4. Fruit Juice – Many people think that the fruit juice available in the market is a good option for breakfast But this is a misconception This juice contains too much sugar which makes you gain weight Instead, eat fresh home-made fresh juice or whole fruit It will have a lot of fiber and no sugar


5. Puri Parota- It is better to avoid eating so much oil fried in the morning Instead of puri, parota, pokora, you can eat bread, oats, dahlia, fruits.

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