Increase Maximum Size For Pst Files

Outlook File Size Limit Incress

Today we will know how to increase the pst file size of Outlook software Typically the outlook pst file size limit is 20GB for Outlook 2007 and 50GB for Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, but Outlook stops working when the laptop PST file size increases above that limit on your computer.

Today we will look at how you can increase the file size of all versions of Outlook It will be useful for the Outlook system I will upload a video below where you will learn step by step how to increase the maximum size for pst-files of Outlook. Suppose that the file size of your laptop that you use is 200 GB and for some reason, the computer or laptop has to be formatted, in case your outgoing person is backed up, then when connecting to the Outlook PTS data file, in any case, the normal state of communication. If you are unable to set up this tutorial below, you add any size PST and OST Files that can connect.



increase pst file size



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