India Vaccination


Today we are facing COVID-19 effect. COVID positive cases are growing day by day. In last 24 hours we have 2.55 Cr over India. But the biggest grief is losing a loved one. We don’t know
how many people have lost their own people because of this CORONA Virus. Some of us lost our fathers,some of us lost our mother and many of us have lost both of us. But in the meantime, Indian
Scientists have made a great revolution. They discover two type vaccine CoVaxin and COVISHILD.

           In such cases, the most necessary is the antidote. However, there is a shortage of vaccines in India now. That’s why The first dose has stopped. only those people getting dose who get first dose ago. Yet we Indians have not lost We are still fighting against this COVID 19 disease. With the second wave of corona coming, India has started to become more aware. Now it can be proudly said that
every Indian has become aware against Corona. Now different states of India are announcing lock downs in different ways. Every state is fighting this disease shoulder to shoulder with each other.
About 18.5 Cr people in India have been vaccinated so far. We Indians think we will get rid of this disease very soon.


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