Is it possible to live up to 150 years?

How long can you survive, what the researchers say?

Survive many days. Hold youth. Every one of these longings rotate in the personalities of individuals. So research on it has been continuing for quite a while. American essayist Mark Twain said that life would have been a lot more joyful on the off chance that it had begun in the 80’s and bit by bit came to the 18’s. Presently a gathering of researchers from


are rehearsing something very similar. They are attempting to discover how long human existence can be.


Is it possible to live up to 150 years? The researchers as of late distributed an examination paper in a diary called Nature Communication. In it, they have referenced that people can satisfy 120-150 years. There it is additionally expressed, demise is a natural interaction. It isn’t reliant upon passionate or actual pressure.


Is it possible to live up to 150 years? While researching aging, they have noticed various physical changes. Keep an eye on what is changing in human blood cells. It has also been seen how many feet a person is walking with. Many people in Britain, America and Russia are being surveyed. It has been observed that there are some similar processes of aging among people in different areas.


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