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Kanchana 3 full movie Tamil

Movie Plot

The ghost-fearing Raghava and his happy circle of relatives along with his mother, brother, sister in regulation, and their daughter got down to Coimbatore for a own family feature, and there, the whole circle of relatives, together with Raghava’s lady cousins Priya, Kavya, and Divya, witness strange and scary incidents at their grandparents’ house, as well as Raghava getting possessed. the subsequent activities return to every other person named Kaali.

Kaali is a social employee who runs an ashram that offers safe haven and feeds negative people. He has additionally contributed to the studies of bad youths. sooner or later, a flesh presser named Bhavani, the brother of the minister, Shankar enters Kaali’s ashram. He asks to keep a sum of one hundred crores in his ashram, that’s black money, and go back 80 crores and keep 20 crores as a supply of funding to his ashram. when Kaali refuses, he sends his men to kill Kaali’s handicapped innocents, which angers Kaali. He then units out to kill Bhavani’s henchmen and subsequently him. whilst Bhavani is murdered, Shankar is angered and his assistant devises a plan to kill Kaali. whilst Rosie and Kaali take a experience on a bike, Shankar appoints lorries and crushes them both. Rosie dies there, and Kaali dies looking the video of his ashram and his supporters getting destroyed in a hearth.

The possessed Raghava units out to kill Shankar. but, to his surprise, Shankar had already arranged exorcists to crush Kaali (possessed Raghava). but, surpassing them, he kills Shankar and avenges his dying.

in the end credit, it’s far shown that Kaali and Rosie be part of fingers collectively and walk.


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