Mobile Data not Working?

Why mobile data not work –

We all have the same problem the mobile network dropping. You will notice that when you talk on a mobile phone, sometimes the person talking to you is interrupted. But we ignore this. Because we all talk now through online chat. if your mobile data not working follow the steps. If you need more technical tutorials then.

If we calculate a little better, then we can see how much profit is being made by the network companies of our country. You must recharge a minimum every month. Which we probably don’t need at all. Each of us has at least one mobile, and that is an Android phone so that at least two SIMs can be inserted.

So far the population of our country is 135.26 crore(2018 report from google). If 90% of them use mobile, then the number stands – 121.5 crores. If everyone has two SIMs, then the total number of SIMs in India is 243 crore. Now let’s say the minimum recharge is 39 rupees. Then calculate how much the network companies are gaining.

Do High Recharges –

mobile data not working
mobile data not working

Now we don’t do any short recharges. We do recharge that we can endlessly internet, talk endlessly and send at least 100 SMS every day. But do we do the whole thing? No. If we do more internet then we would just use the internet in full.

The rest is entirely the profit of the network companies. So how much do they get from a country that gets so much from one person?


Which type of network did you use? –

Despite having so much profit, we see that our internet speed is very low. Various network companies promise but no good results are found. There are many villages in India where 4G is replaced by 2G speed. Why Indian network companies are doing this? No one has an answer. Where 5G internet service has become available in many countries.


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