Mourning Becomes Electra Movie

Mourning Becomes Electra Movie

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Grieving Becomes Electra is a 1947 American dramatization film by Dudley Nichols adjusted from the 1931 Eugene O’Neill play Mourning Becomes Electra. The film stars Rosalind Russell, Michael Redgrave, Raymond Massey, Katina Paxinou, Leo Genn and Kirk Douglas.

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It was designated for Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Michael Redgrave) and Best Actress in a Leading Role (Rosalind Russell). Initially discharged by RKO Radio Pictures at about three hours, it was in the end sliced to 105 minutes (losing over 60 minutes) after it performed ineffectively in the cinema world and won no Oscars. It has since been reestablished to its full length and appeared on Turner Classic Movies.


An Oscar upset happened regarding the film. All who saw it had assumed that Rosalind Russell would win for her execution as Lavinia, to the point that Russell really started to ascend from her seat just before the victor’s name was called. Be that as it may, it was Loretta Young, and not Russell, who was named Best Actress for her execution in The Farmer’s Daughter.

The film recorded lost $2,310,000, making it one of RKO’s greatest money related fiascos.

An affluent New England family, the Mannons, anticipate the arrival of patriarch Ezra, general for the Union armed force, and child Orin, a hesitant young fellow before turning into an Army officer toward the finish of the Civil War. Lavinia, who worships her dad, is stunned to see mother Christine kissing another man. More regrettable yet, the man is ocean skipper Adam Brant, somebody whom Lavinia has since quite a while ago liked herself, despite the fact that her beloved companion Peter Niles has been pursuing her.

Gaining from family worker Seth that, entangling matters further, Adam is really a relative, a child of Lavinia’s uncle, makes her defy her mom. To her wonder, Lavinia discovers that Christine is totally mindful of the family relationship, yet has detested Ezra since the day she wedded him.

Adam has concealed thought processes also. He loathes the Mannons for the manner in which they treated his mom, who is presently expired. He is looking for retribution by toying with Christine’s affections. Yet, when she comes to him with a plot to murder Ezra by harming him, Adam is hesitant to run that far with his plan.

Ezra returns home. His frightening encounters amid the war have influenced him to strive for a closer association with his significant other. Christine is tossed by this, yet chooses to continue with her arrangement to execute him. Ezra does to be sure bite the dust, however Lavinia comes into ownership of the pills that her mom used to harm him.

One disaster pursues another. Orin chooses to shoot Adam for what he’s finished. Christine ends it all. Lavinia chooses to wed Peter all things considered, yet his sister Hazel unveils that her family has everything except repudiated Peter for having anything to do with the Mannons.

Orin is loaded with blame and executes himself too. All is lost for Lavinia, who has Seth nail closed the shades of the windows to their home, locking herself far from the world for eternity.


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