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Ration Card Status

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Ration Card Status Check Online West Bengal

Benefits of Ration card

A Ration card is the official report issued by using the respective country governments. the cardboard permits eligible families to buy food grains at subsidized charges underneath the national meals protection Act (NFSA). The document serves as a common form of identity for plenty people.

Types of ration card in West Bengal

West Bengal APL Ration Card Beneficiaries,
West Bengal BPL Ration Card Beneficiaries,
AAY or Antodaya Family Ration Cards (AAY)
Annapurna Beneficiaries (PHH and SPHH)
RKSY 1 and RKSY 2 Ration Cards in West Bengal

Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)

This sort of ration card is given to impoverished households identified by using the state governments. men and women who do now not have stable profits are issued this card. Unemployed humans, girls and antique aged people fall underneath this class. these card holders are eligible to get hold of 35kg of meals grains in line with month consistent with family. They obtain foodgrains at the subsidised price of Rs.three for rice, Rs.2 for wheat and Rs.1 for coarse grains.

Priority Household (PHH)

The households not blanketed under AAY, come under the PHH. The country governments perceive priority family households below the focused Public Distribution machine (TPDS) consistent with their unique, inclusive tips. The PHH cardholders obtain 5kg of meals grains in line with individual per month. Foodgrains are at the subsidised fee of Rs.three for rice, Rs.2 for wheat and Rs.1 for coarse grains for those cardholders.

below Poverty Line (BPL)

families that have BPL playing cards are the ones who’re living below the poverty line certain by using the state government. BPL families acquire 10kg to 20kg meals grains per family consistent with month at 50% of monetary fee. The subsidised cease retail price for detailed portions of wheat, rice, sugar and different items vary from state to nation. every state authorities fixes distinct quotes in keeping with amount.

Above Poverty Line (APL)

households that have this card are those who’re dwelling above the poverty line as particular by the country government. APL households acquire 10kg to 20kg food grains consistent with circle of relatives in line with month at a hundred% of financial value. each state government fixes a subsidised retail price for rice, wheat, sugar and kerosene oil for a sure amount.

Annapoorna Yojana (AY)

AY ration cards are given to older folks who are terrible and above 65 years. Cardholders get hold of 10 kgs of foodgrains per month under this card. nation governments difficulty those cards to the older folks that come beneath this scheme as targeted by way of them.


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