Ugliest language in india



Google searched for the ugliest language in India, the rest is history

Which is the ugliest language in India? Maybe a user searched Google by writing such a simple question. However, he did not expect the answer.


Google apologizes. Google has to apologize for being under a kind of pressure. Kannada Language has been issued a legal notice in India to keep it under the “ugliest language”. When Google searches for the ugly language of India, the search engine shows Kannada. Which has saddened the Kannada speaking people.

Suddenly searching for such a question and overnight screenshots, videos, of his answer from Google went viral on social media. The Karnataka government sent a legal notice to Google. It is said that their language has been insulted. From stars to politicians, ordinary people all want to apologize to Google for such a mistake. Google continues to be abusive. Can this be despite the fact that the CEO of Google is a South Indian man? Many have raised questions.

Karnataka’s culture and forest ministers then tweeted to Google to apologize. They said that Google may not know that Kannada language (History of Kannada Language) has a history of its own. This language is 2,500 years old. This language is our pride.

Google then apologized. Google said, “Sometimes, the way content is described on the Internet is not accurate. There are surprising answers to a number of questions. We know this is never accurate. But we are trying to be more aware. We’re working to improve our algorithms, and we’ve been quick to take action. ”

“There has been a misunderstanding and we apologize for hurting anyone’s feelings,” he added.

A Google search for “idiot” in English once revealed a picture of former US President Donald Trump. Google’s chief executive officer Sundar Pichai was questioned in the US Congress in 2016. Pichai said that Google does not have much control over the search results. At the time, he said, according to the Google search index, the keyword was on the websites that showed the image.



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