Videocon d2h Channel List With Price 1

Today I will share Videocon d2h Channel List With Price in Bellow excel list you can check it. there available videocon channel numbers as well as prices. many channels are free there mention FTA. so check the below list.

Videocon d2h Channel List

Channel NameHD/S DGenreEPG No.MRP
DD NationalSDDD114FTA
Star Plus HDHDHindi Entertainment115₹ 22.42
Star PlusSDHindi Entertainment117₹ 22.42
Star Bharat HDHDHindi Entertainment121₹ 22.42
Star BharatSDHindi Entertainment122₹ 11.80
SET HDHDHindi Entertainment128₹ 22.42
SETSDHindi Entertainment130₹ 22.42
Sony SAB HDHDHindi Entertainment132₹ 22.42
Sony SABSDHindi Entertainment134₹ 22.42
&TV HDHDHindi Entertainment137₹ 22.42
&TVSDHindi Entertainment139₹ 14.16
Zee TV HDHDHindi Entertainment141₹ 22.42
Zee TVSDHindi Entertainment143₹ 22.42
Colors HDHDHindi Entertainment147₹ 22.42
ColorsSDHindi Entertainment149₹ 22.42
UTV BindassSDHindi Entertainment153₹ 1.18
Investigation DiscoverySDHindi Entertainment155₹ 1.18
Star UtsavSDHindi Entertainment171₹ 1.18*
Zee AnmolSDHindi Entertainment172₹ 0.12*
Colors RishteySDHindi Entertainment173₹ 1.18*
Sony PalSDHindi Entertainment174₹ 1.18*
The Q IndiaSDHindi Entertainment175FTA
Big MagicSDHindi Entertainment176₹ 0.12
DangalSDHindi Entertainment177FTA
Anjan TVSDHindi Entertainment178FTA
Star World HDHDEnglish
204₹ 10.62
Star WorldSDEnglish Entertainment206₹ 9.44
Star World Premiere HDHDEnglish Entertainment208₹ 10.62
213₹ 8.26
AXNSDEnglish Entertainment215₹ 5.90
Zee Café HDHDEnglish Entertainment218₹ 22.42
Zee CaféSDEnglish
220₹ 17.70
Colors Infinity HDHDEnglish Entertainment224₹ 10.62
Colors InfinitySDEnglish
226₹ 5.90
Comedy Central HDHDEnglish Entertainment229₹ 10.62
Comedy CentralSDEnglish
230₹ 5.90
Disney International HDHDEnglish Entertainment232₹ 14.16
Star Gold HDHDHindi Movies308₹ 11.80
Star GoldSDHindi Movies310₹ 9.44
Sony Max HDHDHindi Movies312₹ 20.06
Sony MaxSDHindi Movies314₹ 17.70
Star Gold 2SDHindi Movies317₹ 1.18
Zee Cinema HDHDHindi Movies319₹ 22.42
Zee CinemaSDHindi Movies321₹ 17.70
UTV HDHDHindi Movies322₹ 9.44
UTV MoviesSDHindi Movies323₹ 2.36
UTV ActionSDHindi Movies325₹ 2.36
Zee BollywoodSDHindi Movies327₹ 2.36
Zee ClassicSDHindi Movies328₹ 0.59
&pictures HDHDHindi Movies331₹ 22.42
&picturesSDHindi Movies332₹ 7.08
Cinema TV IndiaSDHindi Movies333FTA
B4U KadakSDHindi Movies334FTA
Zee ActionSDHindi Movies335₹ 1.18
Sony WahSDHindi Movies336₹ 1.18
B4U MoviesSDHindi Movies337FTA
Sony Max 2SDHindi Movies338₹ 1.18
Star Gold Select HDHDHindi Movies339₹ 11.80
Star Gold SelectSDHindi Movies340₹ 8.26
Colors Cineplex HDHDHindi Movies341₹ 5.90
Colors CineplexSDHindi Movies342₹ 3.54
Wow Cinema OneSDHindi Movies343FTA
Enterr10SDHindi Movies344FTA
Bflix MoviesSDHindi Movies345FTA
Star Utsav MoviesSDHindi Movies346₹ 1.18
Zee Anmol CinemaSDHindi Movies348₹ 0.12
Abzy MoviesSDHindi Movies349FTA
Manoranjan TVSDHindi Movies350FTA
Maha MovieSDHindi Movies351FTA
Surya CinemaSDHindi Movies352FTA
Star Movies HDHDEnglish Movies353₹ 22.42
Star MoviesSDEnglish Movies355₹ 14.16
Sony Pix HDHDEnglish Movies359₹ 17.70
Sony PixSDEnglish Movies360₹ 11.80
HBO HDHDEnglish Movies363₹ 17.70
HBOSDEnglish Movies364₹ 11.80
&flix HDHDEnglish Movies365₹ 22.42
&flixSDEnglish Movies366₹ 17.70
WBSDEnglish Movies369₹ 1.18
Star Movies Select HDHDEnglish Movies370₹ 11.80
Movies Now HDHDEnglish Movies376₹ 14.16
Movies NowSDEnglish Movies377₹ 11.80
MN+ HDHDEnglish Movies378₹ 11.80
MNX HDHDEnglish Movies380₹ 10.62
MNXSDEnglish Movies381₹ 7.08
Romedy Now HDHDEnglish Movies382₹ 10.62
Romedy NowSDEnglish Movies383₹ 7.08
&prive HDHDEnglish Movies385₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1 HDHDSports454₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1SDSports455₹ 22.42
Star Sports 2 HDHDSports456₹ 22.42
Star Sports 2SDSports457₹ 7.08
Star Sports 3SDSports458₹ 4.72
Star Sports 1 Hindi HDHDSports459₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1 HindiSDSports460₹ 22.42
Star Sports Select 1 HDHDSports463₹ 22.42
Star Sports Select 1SDSports464₹ 22.42
Star Sports Select 2 HDHDSports465₹ 11.80
Star Sports Select 2SDSports466₹ 8.26
Sony Ten 1 HDHDSports470₹ 22.42
Sony Ten 1SDSports471₹ 22.42
Sony Ten 2 HDHDSports473₹ 20.06
Sony Ten 2SDSports474₹ 17.70
Sony Ten 3 HDHDSports475₹ 20.06
Sony Ten 3SDSports476₹ 20.06
Sony Six HDHDSports483₹ 22.42
Sony SixSDSports484₹ 17.70
EurosportSDSports496₹ 4.72
Star Sports FirstSDSports497₹ 1.18
ABP NewsSDHindi News504FTA
NDTV IndiaSDHindi News506₹ 1.18
Aaj Tak HDHDHindi News508₹ 1.77
Aaj TakSDHindi News509₹ 0.89
Zee NewsSDHindi News511₹ 0.12
India TVSDHindi News514FTA
News 24SDHindi News516FTA
News18 IndiaSDHindi News519₹ 0.12
Zee HindustanSDHindi News520₹ 0.12
R BharatSDHindi News521FTA
India NewsSDHindi News522FTA
News NationSDHindi News523FTA
News World IndiaSDHindi News525FTA
Total TVSDHindi News527FTA
TV9 BharatvarshSDHindi News529FTA
India News HaryanaSDHindi News530FTA
Sudarshan NewsSDHindi News534FTA
OK IndiaSDHindi News538FTA
APN NewsSDHindi News542FTA
MH One NewsSDHindi News548FTA
Videocon d2h Channel List With Price
Videocon d2h Channel List With Price
India News UP UKSDHindi Regional550FTA
News State UP UttarakhandSDHindi Regional552FTA
India News MP CHSDHindi Regional554FTA
India News RajasthanSDHindi Regional556FTA
Janta TVSDHindi News562FTA
Zee Uttar Pradesh UttarakhandSDHindi Regional568₹ 0.12
News State MP CGSDHindi News570FTA
News 11 BharatSDHindi News579FTA
News 1 IndiaSDHindi News580FTA
Patrika TV RajasthanSDHindi News581FTA
Swaraj Express SMBCSDHindi News582FTA
Hindi KhabarSDHindi News583FTA
R9 TVSDHindi Regional586FTA
Bharat SamacharSDHindi News587FTA
Khabrain Abhi TakSDHindi News589FTA
Aaj Tak TezSDHindi News590₹ 0.30
SamaySDHindi News591FTA
Swaraj ExpressSDHindi News592FTA
Jantantra TVSDHindi News593FTA
Zee BusinessSDHindi News594₹ 0.12
CNBC AwaazSDHindi News595₹ 1.18
Lok SabhaSDDD598FTA
Rajya SabhaSDDD599FTA
NDTV 24×7SDEnglish News604₹ 3.54
Times Now World (HD)HDEnglish News605₹ 5.90
Times NowSDEnglish News606₹ 3.54
India TodaySDEnglish News609₹ 1.18
CNN News18SDEnglish News611₹ 0.59
NewsXSDEnglish News613FTA
Mirror NowSDEnglish News614₹ 0.59
WIONSDEnglish News615₹ 1.18
Republic TVSDEnglish News616FTA
India AheadSDEnglish News617FTA
NDTV Profit PrimeSDEnglish News621₹ 1.18
CNBC TV18 Prime HDHDEnglish News622₹ 1.18
CNBC TV18SDEnglish News623₹ 4.72
ET NowSDEnglish News625₹ 3.54
News 9SDEnglish News629FTA
CNNSDEnglish News631₹ 0.59
BBC WorldSDEnglish News633₹ 1.18
Al JazeeraSDEnglish News635FTA

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