Today I will share Videocon d2h Channel List With Price in Bellow excel list you can check it. there available videocon channel numbers as well as prices. many channels are free there mention FTA. so check the below list.

Channel News AsiaSDEnglish News636FTA
France 24SDEnglish News637FTA
TV5 Monde AsieSDEnglish News638FTA
DWSDEnglish News639FTA
Australia PlusSDEnglish News640FTA
Russia TodaySDEnglish News641FTA
NHK WorldSDEnglish News642FTA
Hungama TVSDKids655₹ 7.08
Marvel HQSDKids657₹ 4.72
DisneySDKids659₹ 9.44
Nick HD+HDKids662₹ 11.80
NickSDKids663₹ 7.08
Cartoon Network HD+HDKids665₹ 11.80
Cartoon NetworkSDKids666₹ 5.02
PogoSDKids670₹ 5.02
Discovery KidsSDKids672₹ 3.54
Sonic NickelodeonSDKids674₹ 2.36
Baby TV HDHDKids676₹ 1.18
Nick JrSDKids680₹ 1.18
Disney JuniorSDKids681₹ 4.72
Sony YaySDKids686₹ 2.36
Kushi TVSDTelugu Regional689₹ 4.72
Chutti TVSDTamil Regional690₹ 7.08
Chintu TVSDKannada Regional691₹ 7.08
Kochu TVSDMalayalam Regional692₹ 5.90
National Geographic HDHDKnowledge & Lifestyle708₹ 11.80
National GeographicSDKnowledge & Lifestyle709₹ 2.36
Nat Geo Wild HDHDKnowledge &
711₹ 5.90
Nat Geo WildSDKnowledge & Lifestyle712₹ 1.18
Discovery HD WorldHDKnowledge &
713₹ 7.08
Discovery ChannelSDKnowledge & Lifestyle714₹ 4.72
Animal Planet HD WorldHDKnowledge & Lifestyle716₹ 3.54
Animal PlanetSDKnowledge &
717₹ 2.36
Discovery ScienceSDKnowledge & Lifestyle719₹ 1.18
History TV18 HDHDKnowledge & Lifestyle720₹ 8.26
History TV18SDKnowledge &
721₹ 3.54
Sony BBC Earth HDHDKnowledge & Lifestyle724₹ 11.80
Sony BBC EarthSDKnowledge &
725₹ 4.72
EpicSDKnowledge & Lifestyle735₹ 2.36
Fox Life HDHDKnowledge & Lifestyle753₹ 1.18
Fox LifeSDKnowledge &
754₹ 1.18
DD Gyan DarshanSDDD755FTA
TLC HDHDKnowledge & Lifestyle759₹ 3.54
TLCSDKnowledge & Lifestyle760₹ 2.36
Good TimesSDKnowledge &
762₹ 1.77
Discovery TurboSDKnowledge & Lifestyle764₹ 1.18
TravelXP HDHDKnowledge &
765₹ 10.62
TravelXPSDKnowledge & Lifestyle766₹ 3.54
Food FoodSDKnowledge & Lifestyle768FTA
Living Foodz HDHDKnowledge &
769₹ 11.80
Living FoodzSDKnowledge & Lifestyle770₹ 1.18
FYI TV18SDKnowledge & Lifestyle771₹ 0.30
Fashion TVSDKnowledge &
MTV HD+HDMusic806₹ 5.90
MTVSDMusic807₹ 3.54
ZoomSDMusic811₹ 0.59
MTV Beats HDHDMusic820₹ 1.18
MTV BeatsSDMusic821₹ 0.12
B4U MusicSDMusic822FTA
Zee ETCSDMusic824₹ 0.12
ZingSDMusic826₹ 0.12
Aaho MusicSDMusic828FTA
Music IndiaSDMusic829FTA
9X JalwaSDMusic830FTA
iLove Pen StudiosSDMusic834FTA
Vh1 HDHDMusic855₹ 2.36
Vh1SDMusic856₹ 1.18
Disha TVSDSpiritual1058FTA
Paras TVSDSpiritual1059FTA
MH One ShraddhaSDSpiritual1061FTA
Sadhna TVSDSpiritual1063FTA
Lord Buddha TVSDSpiritual1064FTA
Peace of MindSDSpiritual1065FTA
Jinvani ChannelSDSpiritual1066FTA
Ishwar TVSDSpiritual1068FTA
Satsang TVSDSpiritual1073FTA
Shubh TVSDSpiritual1074FTA
Aastha BhajanSDSpiritual1077FTA
Sarthi TVSDSpiritual1080FTA
Subharti TVSDSpiritual1082FTA
News18 Uttar Pradesh UttarakhandSDHindi Regional1104₹ 0.12
News18 Bihar JharkhandSDHindi Regional1105₹ 0.12
ABP GangaSDHindi News1108FTA
FM NewsSDHindi Regional1109FTA
Zee Bihar JharkhandSDHindi Regional1113₹ 0.12
Oscar Movies BhojpuriSDHindi Regional1114FTA
Bhojpuri CinemaSDHindi Regional1115FTA
Big GangaSDHindi Regional1116₹ 0.59
DishumSDHindi Regional1117FTA
B4U BhojpuriSDHindi Regional1118FTA
Surya BhojpuriSDHindi Regional1119FTA
News18 RajasthanSDHindi Regional1131₹ 0.12
Zee Rajasthan NewsSDHindi Regional1132₹ 0.12
First India RajasthanSDHindi Regional1133FTA
A1 TVSDHindi Regional1134FTA
News18 Madhya Pradesh ChhattisgarhSDHindi Regional1150₹ 0.12
IBC 24SDHindi Regional1152FTA
Zee Madhya Pradesh ChattisgarhSDHindi Regional1154₹ 0.12
Bansal NewsSDHindi Regional1155FTA
INH 24X7SDHindi Regional1156FTA
Sahara Samay MP/ChhattisgarhSDHindi Regional1157FTA
News18 UrduSDOthers1173₹ 0.12
Zee SalaamSDOthers1175₹ 0.12
Channel WinSDOthers1176FTA
Gulistan NewsSDHindi Regional1179FTA
DD BharatiSDDD1194FTA
DD Uttar PradeshSDDD1195FTA
DD Madhya PradeshSDDD1197FTA
DD RajasthanSDDD1198FTA
Colors Marathi HDHDMarathi Regional1203₹ 20.06
Colors MarathiSDMarathi Regional1204₹ 11.80
Zee Marathi HDHDMarathi Regional1207₹ 22.42
Zee MarathiSDMarathi Regional1208₹ 22.42
Star Pravah HDHDMarathi Regional1209₹ 17.70
Star PravahSDMarathi Regional1210₹ 10.62
ABP MajhaSDMarathi Regional1213FTA
News18 LokmatSDMarathi Regional1214₹ 0.12
Zee 24 TaasSDMarathi Regional1215₹ 0.12
Zee YuvaSDMarathi Regional1216₹ 1.18
Zee Talkies HDHDMarathi Regional1217₹ 22.42
Zee TalkiesSDMarathi Regional1218₹ 2.36
Sony MarathiSDMarathi Regional1220₹ 4.72
Saam TVSDMarathi Regional1222FTA
9X JhakaasSDMarathi Regional1223FTA
Jai MaharashtraSDMarathi Regional1224FTA
TV9 MarathiSDMarathi Regional1226FTA
Sangeet MarathiSDMarathi Regional1228FTA
Fakt MarathiSDMarathi Regional1229FTA
Shemaroo Marathi BanaSDMarathi Regional1230FTA
AM NewsSDMarathi Regional1232FTA
DD SahyadriSDDD1299FTA
ABP AnandaSDBengali Regional1303FTA
Colors Bangla HDHDBengali Regional1304₹ 16.52
Colors BanglaSDBengali Regional1305₹ 8.26
Zee Bangla HDHDBengali Regional1307₹ 22.42
Zee BanglaSDBengali Regional1308₹ 22.42
Star Jalsha HDHDBengali Regional1311₹ 22.42
Star JalshaSDBengali Regional1312₹ 22.42
Aakaash AathSDBengali Regional1314FTA
Zee 24 GhantaSDBengali Regional1315₹ 0.12
Sony AathSDBengali Regional1317₹ 4.72
Jalsha Movies HDHDBengali Regional1319₹ 22.42
Jalsha MoviesSDBengali Regional1320₹ 7.08
Sangeet BanglaSDBengali Regional1321FTA
Zee Bangla CinemaSDBengali Regional1322₹ 2.36
Star Sports 1 BanglaSDSports1323₹ 22.42
Kolkata TVSDBengali Regional1324FTA
News18 BanglaSDBengali Regional1325₹ 0.12
Sun BanglaSDBengali Regional1326FTA
Ruposhi BanglaSDBengali Regional1327FTA
News Time BanglaSDBengali Regional1328FTA
Music FatafatiSDBengali Regional1330FTA
ANB NewsSDPunjabi Regional1333FTA
CTVN AKD PlusSDBengali Regional1334FTA
Calcutta NewsSDBengali Regional1335FTA
Khushboo BanglaSDBengali Regional1337FTA
Bangla BharatSDBengali Regional1338FTA
DD BanglaSDDD1399FTA
Gemini Movies HDHDTelugu Regional1403₹ 22.42
Gemini MoviesSDTelugu Regional1404₹ 20.06
Sakshi TVSDTelugu Regional1406FTA
Zee Telugu HDHDTelugu Regional1409₹ 22.42
Zee TeluguSDTelugu Regional1410₹ 22.42
Gemini TV HDHDTelugu Regional1411₹ 22.42
Gemini TVSDTelugu Regional1412₹ 22.42
Gemini LifeSDTelugu Regional1414₹ 5.90
Gemini MusicSDTelugu Regional1415₹ 4.72
ETV HDHDTelugu Regional1416₹ 22.42
ETV TeluguSDTelugu Regional1417₹ 20.06
ETV Andhra PradeshSDTelugu Regional1419₹ 1.18
Star Sports 1 TeluguSDSports1421₹ 22.42
Star Maa HDHDTelugu Regional1422₹ 22.42
Star MaaSDTelugu Regional1423₹ 22.42
TV5 NewsSDTelugu Regional1425FTA
TV9 TeluguSDTelugu Regional1427FTA
NTV TeluguSDTelugu Regional1428FTA
Star Maa Movies HDHDTelugu Regional1429₹ 22.42
Star Maa MoviesSDTelugu Regional1430₹ 11.80
Star Maa GoldSDTelugu Regional1431₹ 2.36
ABN Andhra JyothySDTelugu Regional1432FTA
T NewsSDTelugu Regional1433FTA
Star Maa MusicSDTelugu Regional1435₹ 1.18
V6 NewsSDTelugu Regional1436FTA
Gemini ComedySDTelugu Regional1437₹ 5.90
Telugu NaaptolSDTelugu Regional1439FTA
Bhakti TVSDTelugu Regional1440FTA
Subhavaartha TVSDTelugu Regional1441FTA
ETV TelenganaSDTelugu Regional1443₹ 1.18
HM TVSDTelugu Regional1444FTA
ETV CinemaSDTelugu Regional1447₹ 7.08
ETV PlusSDTelugu Regional1449₹ 8.26
ETV LifeSDTelugu Regional1450₹ 1.18
ETV AbhiruchiSDTelugu Regional1451₹ 2.36
Zee Cinemalu HDHDTelugu Regional1453₹ 18.88
Zee CinemaluSDTelugu Regional1454₹ 11.80
CVR News TeluguSDTelugu Regional1457FTA
CVR Spiritual OMSDTelugu Regional1459FTA
Raj News TeluguSDTelugu Regional1460FTA
Vissa TVSDTelugu Regional1461FTA
10 TVSDTelugu Regional1462FTA
Aradana TVSDTelugu Regional1463FTA
Vanitha TVSDTelugu Regional1464FTA
Raj Musix TeluguSDTelugu Regional1466FTA
TV1SDTelugu Regional1467FTA
I NewsSDTelugu Regional1474FTA
Swara SagarSDTelugu Regional1475FTA
Hindu DharmamSDTelugu Regional1476FTA
Studio One +SDTelugu Regional1477FTA
99 PercentSDTelugu Regional1478FTA
4TV NewsSDTelugu Regional1479FTA
SVBCSDTelugu Regional1497FTA
DD SaptagiriSDDD1498FTA
DD YadagiriSDDD1499FTA
Sun TV HDHDTamil Regional1503₹ 22.42
Sun TVSDTamil Regional1504₹ 22.42
KTV HDHDTamil Regional1507₹ 22.42
KTVSDTamil Regional1508₹ 22.42
Sun LifeSDTamil Regional1510₹ 10.62
Sun Music HDHDTamil Regional1511₹ 22.42
Sun MusicSDTamil Regional1512₹ 7.08
Star Sports 1 TamilSDSports1516₹ 20.06
Star Vijay HDHDTamil Regional1517₹ 22.42
Star VijaySDTamil Regional1518₹ 20.06
Jaya TV HDHDTamil Regional1519₹ 7.08
Zee Tamil HDHDTamil Regional1521₹ 22.42
Zee TamilSDTamil Regional1522₹ 14.16
Kalaignar TVSDTamil Regional1523FTA
Raj TVSDTamil Regional1524₹ 3.54
IsaiaruviSDTamil Regional1525FTA
Adithya TVSDTamil Regional1527₹ 10.62
Puthiya ThalaimuraiSDTamil Regional1529FTA
Vasanth TVSDTamil Regional1530FTA
Murasu TVSDTamil Regional1531FTA
Jaya MaxSDTamil Regional1533₹ 2.66
SirippoliSDTamil Regional1534FTA
Polimer TVSDTamil Regional1536FTA
Thanthi TVSDTamil Regional1537FTA
Makkal TVSDTamil Regional1538FTA
Jaya PlusSDTamil Regional1541₹ 0.59
D TamilSDTamil Regional1542₹ 4.72
J MoviesSDTamil Regional1543₹ 2.66
Tamil NaaptolSDTamil Regional1544FTA
Sun NewsSDTamil Regional1545₹ 1.18
News 7 TamilSDTamil Regional1546FTA
Mega TVSDTamil Regional1547₹ 3.54
Polimer NewsSDTamil Regional1548FTA
Vijay SuperSDTamil Regional1549₹ 2.36
News18 Tamil NaduSDTamil Regional1550₹ 0.12
Seithigal TVSDTamil Regional1551FTA
Raj Digital PlusSDTamil Regional1552₹ 1.77
Raj MusixSDTamil Regional1553₹ 1.18
Colors Tamil HDHDTamil Regional1554₹ 8.26
Colors TamilSDTamil Regional1555₹ 3.54
Raj News TamilSDTamil Regional1556₹ 0.30
Madha TVSDTamil Regional1557FTA
Angel TVSDTamil Regional1558FTA
Zee ThiraiSDTamil Regional1559₹ 5.90
Sathiyam TVSDTamil Regional1560FTA
Malaimurasu SeithigalSDTamil Regional1564FTA
Captain NewsSDTamil Regional1566FTA
Peppers TVSDTamil Regional1568FTA
Mega MusiqSDTamil Regional1572₹ 2.36
Mega 24SDTamil Regional1573₹ 1.18
Sahana TVSDTamil Regional1574FTA
Nambikkai TVSDTamil Regional1575FTA
Moon TVSDTamil Regional1577FTA
TravelXP TamilSDTamil Regional1584₹ 1.77
Win TVSDTamil Regional1587FTA
Vendhar TVSDTamil Regional1592FTA
News JSDTamil Regional1593FTA
SVBC 2SDTamil Regional1598FTA
DD PodhigaiSDDD1599FTA
Udaya TV HDHDKannada Regional1603₹ 22.42
Udaya TVSDKannada Regional1604₹ 20.06
Udaya MoviesSDKannada Regional1606₹ 18.88
Colors Kannada HDHDKannada Regional1609₹ 22.42
Colors KannadaSDKannada Regional1610₹ 22.42
TV9 KannadaSDKannada Regional1612FTA
Udaya MusicSDKannada Regional1614₹ 7.08
Star Suvarna HDHDKannada Regional1616₹ 22.42
Star SuvarnaSDKannada Regional1617₹ 22.42
Zee Kannada HDHDKannada Regional1620₹ 22.42
Zee KannadaSDKannada Regional1621₹ 22.42
KasthuriSDKannada Regional1623FTA
Suvarna News 24×7SDKannada Regional1625FTA
Udaya ComedySDKannada Regional1627₹ 7.08
Public TVSDKannada Regional1628FTA
Star Suvarna PlusSDKannada Regional1630₹ 5.90
News18 KannadaSDKannada Regional1631₹ 0.12
Colors Kannada CinemaSDKannada Regional1632₹ 2.36
Colors SuperSDKannada Regional1633₹ 3.54
TV5 KannadaSDKannada Regional1634FTA
Kannada NaaptolSDKannada Regional1635FTA
Raj Musix KannadaSDKannada Regional1636FTA
Sri Sankara TVSDTamil Regional1637FTA
Star Sports 1 KannadaSDSports1638₹ 22.42
Public MusicSDKannada Regional1639FTA
Raj News KannadaSDKannada Regional1640FTA
Zee PiccharSDKannada Regional1641₹ 3.54
Dighvijay 24×7 NewsSDKannada Regional1644FTA
Ayush TVSDKannada Regional1650FTA
Public MoviesSDKannada Regional1651FTA
DD ChandanaSDDD1699FTA
Colors GujaratiSDGujarati Regional1704₹ 5.90
Colors Gujarati CinemaSDGujarati Regional1706₹ 1.18
TV9 GujaratiSDGujarati Regional1708FTA
Gujarat Samachar TVSDGujarati Regional1710FTA
Sandesh NewsSDGujarati Regional1711FTA
CNBC BajaarSDGujarati Regional1713₹ 1.18
News18 GujaratiSDGujarati Regional1715₹ 0.12
ABP AsmitaSDGujarati Regional1717FTA
VTV GujaratiSDGujarati Regional1718FTA
Zee 24 KalakSDGujarati Regional1719₹ 0.12
India News GujaratSDGujarati Regional1721FTA
DD GirnarSDDD1749FTA
Colors OriyaSDOdia Regional1754₹ 7.08
Tarang TVSDOdia Regional1757₹ 11.80
Tarang MusicSDOdia Regional1759₹ 2.36
OTVSDOdia Regional1761FTA
Zee SarthakSDOdia Regional1765₹ 22.42
Prarthana TVSDOdia Regional1766₹ 2.36
Zee OdishaSDOdia Regional1768₹ 0.12
Kanak NewsSDOdia Regional1770FTA
Kalinga TVSDOdia Regional1772FTA
Prameya News 7SDOdia Regional1773FTA
News18 OdiaSDOdia Regional1774₹ 0.12
AlankarSDOdia Regional1775₹ 4.72
Nandighosha TVSDOdia Regional1776FTA
Surya TV HDHDMalayalam Regional1803₹ 22.42
Surya TVSDMalayalam Regional1804₹ 14.16
Surya MoviesSDMalayalam Regional1806₹ 12.98
Asianet HDHDMalayalam Regional1809₹ 22.42
AsianetSDMalayalam Regional1810₹ 22.42
Asianet NewsSDMalayalam Regional1811FTA
Asianet PlusSDMalayalam Regional1812₹ 5.90
Asianet MoviesSDMalayalam Regional1815₹ 17.70
Amrita TVSDMalayalam Regional1817FTA
Mazhavil Manorama HDHDMalayalam Regional1819FTA
Mazhavil ManoramaSDMalayalam Regional1820FTA
People TVSDMalayalam Regional1821FTA
Kairali TVSDMalayalam Regional1823FTA
Zee Keralam HDHDMalayalam Regional1824₹ 9.44
Zee KeralamSDMalayalam Regional1825₹ 0.12
Videocon d2h Channel List With Price
Videocon d2h Channel List With Price
Manorama NewsSDMalayalam Regional1827FTA
Mathrubhumi NewsSDMalayalam Regional1829FTA
Jai Hind TVSDMalayalam Regional1830FTA
Jeevan TVSDMalayalam Regional1833FTA
Kappa TVSDMalayalam Regional1834FTA
Surya MusicSDMalayalam Regional1836₹ 4.72
FlowersSDMalayalam Regional1837₹ 11.80
Safari TVSDMalayalam Regional1838FTA
GoodnessSDMalayalam Regional1839FTA
Media One TVSDMalayalam Regional1840FTA
Janam TVSDMalayalam Regional1842FTA
God TVSDTamil Regional1843FTA
KaumudySDMalayalam Regional1845FTA
We TVSDMalayalam Regional1847FTA
News18 KeralaSDMalayalam Regional1848₹ 0.12
ATE TVSDMalayalam Regional1849FTA
Raj Musix MalayalamSDMalayalam Regional1852FTA
Raj News MalayalamSDMalayalam Regional1853FTA
Surya ComedySDMalayalam Regional1854₹ 4.72
Twenty fourSDMalayalam Regional1855FTA
DD MalayalamSDDD1899FTA
MH OneSDPunjabi Regional1904FTA
Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal PradeshSDPunjabi Regional1905₹ 0.12
PTC NewsSDPunjabi Regional1906FTA
News18 Punjab Haryana HimachalSDHindi News1907₹ 0.12
PTC PunjabiSDPunjabi Regional1910FTA
PTC Chak DeSDPunjabi Regional1911FTA
9X TashanSDPunjabi Regional1915FTA
Chardikla Time TVSDPunjabi Regional1916FTA
India News PunjabSDPunjabi Regional1917FTA
Manoranjan MoviesSDPunjabi Regional1918FTA
Pitaara TVSDPunjabi Regional1919FTA
PTC SimranSDPunjabi Regional1921FTA
Enterr10 BanglaSDBengali Regional1923FTA
Living India NewsSDPunjabi Regional1924FTA
PTC Punjabi GoldSDPunjabi Regional1925FTA
Balle BalleSDPunjabi Regional1926FTA
Zee PunjabiSDPunjabi Regional1927₹ 3.54
DD PunjabiSDDD1949FTA
DY 365SDOthers1953FTA
News18 Assam North EastSDOthers1954₹ 0.12
News LiveSDHindi News1955FTA
Nepal 1SDOthers1956FTA
Protidin TimeSDOthers1965FTA
Prag NewsSDOthers1966FTA
Rengoni TVSDOthers1970FTA
North East LiveSDOthers1971FTA
DD ArunprabhaSDDD1995FTA
DD ManipurSDDD1997FTA
DD KashirSDDD1999FTA