Why Janata Curfew is Important?

On 22 March, Prime Minister Modi has requested 1 Janata curfew in India, why is this Janata curfew, how will it be necessary or not, if it is necessary then why is it necessary?

But before that, let us know why all this is happening, do not do it because of virus or what is a virus, what we need to know about how it spreads, let’s talk about it first thing. How to spread the virus or the virus does not spread in the air. Friends, a lot of people have written on WhatsApp somewhere that it spreads in the air, it is all wrong. If a person learns that he says that he had come out of his mouth, then only I can do it, no virus can be filled and if you have done something on which it is splashed, then your hands will cry in our body. 16 places can penetrate through our eyes, through our nose, and through our mouth, these three things are our hands which are the smallest.

We keep our eyes and keep our mouth clean and If we do not have a virus on our hands, then from these 3 places we can enter inside our body, then the first thing is anything that has many more people, do not leave anything that has any other things on it. Maybe because touching it can cause viruses in your hand, if you have done anything like this and have taken anything, then wash your hand at the same time because the virus dies by washing hands. Recently there has been researched It is a little scary that it says that the virus that is in the air or on cardboard dies within 24 hours but it can stay for 2 to 3 days, plastic it can stay 2 to 3 days.

If you have a door handle or a plastic container, then it can stay alive for 2 to 3 days and if you touch it in 2 to 3 days then your hands will come to the parvovirus and after that, if you wash your eyes without washing your hands And if you touch your mouth, it will enter inside your body, so you can stop going in it. Close it, try to notice that whenever you are traveling in the metro, you are in a car, in a shop, in a mall.

So how many such things have been touched by the rest of us and we do not know to whom the splatter has fallen on that thing, you may have felt that if you talk to a person very closely Are doing and she complained she said and they have the virus, they can directly put your eyes on your face and not on your mouth or you can penetrate the virus inside your body, then another way like it can enter your body It is directly from a person who has a mobile, but only if from there and on your face may be on your hand, because of this you will leave your face again and the virus can enter you If you keep a distance of 1 meter, there is not even this experience in India, it is not our nature to talk to people standing so far away, but to the extent that we can, it is necessary now that friends know this virus of India What kind of growth is happening in India,

Safe Corona Various in Bengali
Safe Corona Various in Bengali

As if PM Modi told that if this virus starts checking, it grows very quickly, it is called that life of an exponential It is not necessary, whose name is what it means, but it is important to know that it does not move in the same direction, it emerges very fast and it has 4 pages. The first page is called it, Imported Case or Foreign How? They are coming from where they are and because of that, when they brought them back, people who came from outside, their family, their friends, their working colleagues got the virus because whoever I am He was sitting among them, India is in this page right now, the country in which we have been,

We know where and why they have happened, but the third friends who say that the community has not yet started in India, it seems. That it has not happened, translation happens when someone does or does not get the virus, in spite of that, he did not come from any country where Karo nor virus has occurred nor is in touch with any such person. It was in the count that the virus means that does this person or how the virus happened, we have not found it. You must be able to understand that when this stage starts, the thing is going to be difficult, no one can do it. Do not know where it came from, what was its source, now anyone can do it or it can be from the virus that now it has been fully populated to some extent and due to this, they enter the fourth stage, which Laughs when you don’t

We do not know who has got this virus and why it is there and from where it entered their body, in China, this epidemic has started in Italy and you are spreading, India has not reached there, now how to stop this science. Friends have not yet reached the point where we have not received any vaccine for this virus so far and if you talk to anyone, be it a scientist or medical research. Hey, it can take at least 12 to 18 months for a vaccine to come in. This means that if someone does not get the virus, they will either get cured on their own or will not be able to get out of unfortunate voice. This is what the whole world has tried, not for whom to do the virus, but for many similar diseases which have happened before and its name is the social distance, Modi Ji also shared in his speech yesterday.

Janata Curfew is Important

 Social distancing means friends that you will keep yourself confined at home and will not go out; the less you can get from people, you will only go out for essential work and the longer you can stay inside, the less you send It is not going to be given, even then the virus is not going to be removed, as many people who can be affected will reduce its growth and will pattern it a bit. This is that the more people will try to stop the virus, the sooner they can get affected by this virus, try to understand it in this way. There are 1 people in a hospital all year who are sick who need a hospital well.

Can see because if they all come within 1 week of the whole year, then what will happen if they have that many staff, that is why two hundred thousand people in a week Do it, it is necessary to stop the growth of the virus. We may not be able to cure it until it comes back, but it will not be able to end its anger, but it can definitely slow down and that will happen only when we are not all social justice. There is no new wonder, this is the very form that is used for any Infectious Disease which is Karo Na Virus, till Modi does not come out on 22 March. Everyone is requested for a public curfew, we are going to be tough to come, the coming time will not be easy, we will probably have to take a very difficult decision for all of us for this whole country and if we can start from day 1 and our Can give you a sense of what it is to be in the house from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm if we do not meet people if we do not get out if we find ourselves in our own house. So what does that mean, maybe we will make up our mind for a week and 1 month because it is important friends and it will remain that we will have to close the country at some point because that is the only way With which we will not be able to stop the growth of the virus, you will save the summer of reading on WhatsApp, the uniformity will save anything else.

It still has not done medical research. It is probably true. Probably not, but until there is no solid evidence, no solid vaccine treatment is available, then we have only one solution that we can stop the growth of this coronavirus as much as we can. And the only way is social for him. You are my two requests. If you are young, if you are under 40 years old, please do not tell yourself that even if I am, I am the reason for that. I will not be able to kill you. I will not even realize anything to a large extent. It is true that if you have been working for 40 years, then the yellow people who speak 100 people have got this virus, then how many of them may not have got out of it.

What Is Coronavirus In Bangla
What Is Coronavirus In Bangla

You will find and die, it is less for the young people, it is more, but because of this, the young people who are themselves will probably not travel so much, but if you are less than 40 years of transmitting a virus Even if you are of age, social please can stay in your house, go out for less than people and if you are elderly, then you will have to have very capsules especially because it is the most dangerous for elderly people. I have already disease, people whose immunity is low, if people get this disease then they have a problem, then their fertility rate is my request. Do not leave anything in the public place that is washing hands, do not update yourself with the Right News Right Information, please come on Whatsapp, do not believe it, only talk to those people who know about it correctly, they are properly informed because many There is a lot of spread about what it can do, if there are any questions, please comment


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