Start Youtube Channel Steps

Hello, friends today we will know how and how many steps you can follow to create a YouTube channel and it will be a total success. That’s why the most important importer is to follow the youtube channel checklist I will discuss a lot about YouTube in this field that if you use your channel, you will become a successful YouTube.

Start Youtube Channel Steps

First of all, before you start a YouTube channel, you have to think about what you want to do on YouTube as you watch a lot of videos on YouTube. If you look a little better then you can see where you are watching a cooking video. If you go to that channel you will see that there are multiple cooking videos. My intention is to try a video over there as he chooses the cooking video category and doing the video. Here you can tell that no other video can be uploaded to the channel on which the cooking video is uploaded. Here I will say, of course, but that channel will not succeed In order to be successful, you will need to select one of the main categories so that you can select a category before opening a YouTube channel.

Here I have said that once you select a category, you have repeatedly asked the question whether you will be successful if you take that category, the answer is that you are successful only if you feature that video to your audience. If you look a little, you will find that there are a myriad of funny videos and songs on YouTube, but if you select that funny video category and you cannot do well with Saipani content then success is not very difficult or successful. Here I tell you that if you make a video like the one you are capable of doing, you will not succeed one day or one day, but YouTube has some rules that we will discuss below.

When selecting a category that you have to keep in mind is that YouTube does not like any violins or if you do not like any copy, you should always remember that you have to make videos by following YouTube’s policies. Let’s say you select the category and then what to do.

Second, the things you need to do on a YouTube channel are video, computer or laptop or mobile. One thing to always keep in mind is that the better the quality of the video, the sooner you move on to success.

Thirdly, watch the video below to see how to create a YouTube channel. Each step is shown here. Each step is shown how you can create a YouTube channel. If you want to create a YouTube channel, you need to know a bit of editing and if you do not know it from Fever or Freelancer. You can create a YouTube channel logo and channel art If you make these two things and you watch the video below, you can create a YouTube channel.



You created a YouTube channel. What you need to do now is watch the video above so you can use social media so you can reach success easily because when you create a new channel there will be no subscribers and no video will be viewable. Create an account or page on social media by the name of your YouTube channel. For example, a page number that you made on Facebook, Twitter made an account, Instagram account and made a note of the account name is the name of your YouTube channel | Account creation is completed then what to do? If you share YouTube videos that you have on social media, you can add views or traffic to the videos on your YouTube channel. Here I am telling you a Secret Tips, if possible by registering a domain in the name of a YouTube channel. if you upload videos and make that website good SEO then you will get instant success from it.

start youtube channel

A few things to keep in mind before you make a video are that the video should not have any bad messages or adult content. If so, YouTube will take action very quickly and remove your video from the YouTube platform and delete your channel if you want, because the best thing to do is to make a video only if the rules of YouTube are good. There are numerous examples of people who engage in this type of activity after deleting their channel. when they go to the new channel, someone deletes the new channel. That is why do not do anything to grow up on YouTube so quickly that YouTube does not block your IP.



From the very first day on YouTube, if you think you can make money, it is not possible If you are interested in doing videos that you love, YouTube is for you, I just don’t know if you think you will succeed if you come to YouTube and make money. The basic rule for earning money on YouTube is that your channel will need 4000 hours of video watch time in the last one year, with 1000 subscribers, but only if you can apply to the YouTube platform, for the YouTube Partner Program.

Youtube Checklist PDF

Suppose you apply for the YouTube Partner Program and approve it, your income will start when you get $ 10 in AdSense then YouTube will send a letter to your home addressing your home address. Once your home address is verified, you will be able to add a bank account and YouTube will send you automatic money whenever it becomes $ 100.


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