How to download youtube videos free

download youtube videos free

In this, I will guide you step b step download process youtube videos. without any software, in this process completely free. it is working on computer & mobile devices.

Download Youtube Videos Free

Benefits Of Youtube Video Download:

It helps you to save your data. Once you download the videos you can watch them offline mode without wasting your data. You can watch the downloaded videos anytime you want. This proves to be beneficial when there is no internet connection or the net is running slow.


Follow the below steps to download youtube videos, songs & movies.

download youtube videos

Open website.

download youtube videos to pc

open then search youtube videos, songs, or movies after copy the video link.

how to download youtube videos on pc

Copy videos link as per image.


Paste your youtube video link in as per the image.

how to download youtube video

Click on the convert link as per image.

Chose video types like MP4, 1080 HD, 3gp, or MP3. then click the get link button.

download youtube videos free online

Click on the download link, to get a youtube video on your computer, mobile, or laptop.

Watch this tutorial to download youtube videos free step by step.

Benefits Youtube Song Download:

Enjoy millions of songs and videos in YouTube Music without ads. Download songs and videos to your mobile device for offline listening. Use background play to keep your music playing while you use other apps. Turn on audio-only mode to listen to music without loading the video.

More Benefits to Download Videos:

In recent times, the number of internet users is increasing day by day. It contains those that utilize the internet for research purposes, social networking purposes, and leisure purposes such as watching videos online. Nowadays, one of the most visited and leading sites is YouTube. This website is recognized to be the storage of videos from across the globe. In order to view all these online videos on the computer simply without having to visit the website utilizing the internet making the audio or video tips accessible anytime.

how to control phone addiction in kids during lockdown

In lockdown, the child is increasingly addicted to mobile, what to do to get rid of it..

Leaving the phone in the hands of the child in retirement. Many parents hold the phone in their hands to keep their child busy or busy. And from there the danger increases.To overcome the problem of phone addiction parents should make some rules those who are new in making rules or schedule may feel restricted or bounded as the rules are not only for the kids.


The most advanced and effective communication device in this century is the Mobile phone. A mobile phone is not only being used by a corporate or highly qualified professional. People from all types of social groups have mobile phones in their hands now. The usage of the mobile phone is not increased only with all social groups but also with people of all age groups. Children are the more noticeable group as they are using cell phones of all types.

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones on Children

A recent research study shows that children are really capable of using an advanced type of mobile phones even without any proper guidance. Though mobile phones are the effective mode of communication, it is a well-known fact that it also has adverse side effects if being overused. Mobile phones emit shockwave radioactive radiation that affects the children body in various manners.

Side Effects of Mobile Phones on Children’s Health

Today’s children are growing up in a radio-frequency environment that never existed in human history before. The radiation emitted by mobile phones and mobile phone masts can have adverse effects on children. Some include:

  1. Mobile Phone affects Your Immunity Status: Cell phones after a full day usage contains many germs on their display which are highly numbered than your toilet seats. These germs are easily transferred to your body as you touch frequently or use close to your face for talking. This increases the risk of exposure to the germs and reduces your immune strength as immune status is not fully developed for children.
  2. Increase Risk of Chronic Pains: Prolonged use of mobile phones for playing games or texting requires continuous movement for your hands which may develop chronic pain in joints of your shoulders and hands.
  3. Effect of the Mobile phone on Vision Problem: While using small size mobile phone screen to read some text, article for long hours, the child put lots of pressure or strain on eyes and sometimes it starts to dry out and start headaches. Children when concentrating much on playing games on mobile phones they even fail to blink frequently with the increased interest and attraction towards the game. This causes the dryness of the conjunctiva and also increases the ocular tension.
  4. Increase stress level: Affects your emotions negatively and increases the stress level

Mobile Phone Safety Tips For Kids

As a parent, you must take preventive measures to minimize your child’s exposure to the harmful effects of mobile phones. These include:

  • Do not give cell phones if your child is under 16 years. A child’s brain is too sensitive to withstand the effects of mobile radiation.
  • Do not let your child hold a mobile phone directly up to his head. Use an air-tube headset instead.
  • Do not let your child make calls on buses, trains, cars, and elevators. The mobile phone works harder to get the signal out through the metal, which increases the power level.
  • Do not let your child use a cell phone when the signal is weak. It will increase the power to the maximum, as the phone attempts to connect to a new relay antenna.
  • Limit the use of cell phones around children.
  • Make sure that there is no mobile phone mast or network tower near your home or your kid’s school.
  • Do not let children take mobile phones to school.
  • Do not leave mobile phones in your children’s bedroom at night.

If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.


Today solar eclipse can be seen in India

Annual solar eclipse today (June 10). It can be seen from some parts of India for some time before sunset. This is the first solar eclipse of 2021.

Where in India can the eclipse be seen?

The people of West Bengal will be deprived of visualizing this solar eclipse. It will be visible only from some places in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. It can be seen for some time before sunset. This was stated by Devi Prasad Duari, Director, MP Birla Planetarium.

Where can complete eclipse be seen?

The eclipse can be seen from North America, Europe and various countries in Central and North Asia.

The eclipse will start at 11:42 a.m. Indian time. Complete ringworm will be completed by 3:30 p.m. There will be ringworm from 4 to 52 minutes in the afternoon. The eclipse will end at 6:41 pm. Can be seen online

However, you can see the acceptance online. The eclipse can be viewed via live streaming from the websites of NASA and So if you want to watch the eclipse, you can watch it from NASA live streaming on YouTube. You will see it there from 11:42 tomorrow. 

However, this solar eclipse will be an “annular” solar eclipse, which means that the Moon is so far away from Earth, that it appears smaller in size than the Sun in the sky. Here, since the Moon is not blocking the entire view of the Sun, space enthusiasts will see a “dark disk on top of a large, bright disk.” This is also known as the “ring of fire.”

According to NASA, the eclipse will be visible only in a few regions, while it will be partial in others. The space agency has said that Russia, Greenland and Canada will get to witness the “ring of fire,” or, in other words, a full solar eclipse, while eastern United States and Alaska will witness only a partial eclipse. Large parts of North America, Europe, Asia, northern Africa and parts of the Caribbean, too, will see a partial eclipse.



Pakistan train accident: 30 killed, over 50 injured as Millat Express, Sir Syed Express collide

Pakistan train accident: 30killed, over 50 injured as Millat Express, Sir Syed Express collide

Sir Syed Express, headed from Lahore to Karachi, collided with the Millat Express after it deraile

Pakistan Train Accident?Two trains collided in Pakistan’s southern Sindh Province on Monday, killing at least 30 people and injuring 50 others, according to officials.

Sir Syed Express, headed from Lahore to

, collided with the Millat Express after it derailed on the way to Sargodha from Karachi, Dawn news reported.

The major accident, in which bogies of the Millat Express train overturned, took place near Dharki, a city located in the Ghotki district of upper Sindh, it said.


An emergency has been declared at hospitals in Ghotki, Dharki, Obaro and Mirpur Mathelo.

Ghotki Deputy Commissioner Usman Abdullah said at least 30 people have been killed while 50 others injured in the incident, the report said.

Officials were also facing difficulty in rescuing the people trapped inside the overturned bogies.

Speaking to Geo News, the deputy commissioner said that 13 to 14 bogies have derailed in the accident while six to eight were “completely destroyed”.

He said that rescuing passengers who are still trapped is a “challenge” for the rescue officials.

A relief train has departed from Rohri, he said.

“This is a challenging task. It will take time to use heavy machinery to free citizens (still trapped). We are also establishing a medical camp to provide medical aid to citizens,” he said.

Ghotki SSP Umar Tufail said that passengers are still stuck in one of the bogies and “we fear more casualties”.

Authorities fear that the number of fatalities in the accident could rise.

Rescue and relief officials were rushed to the spot.

According to a senior former railways official, such accidents happen from time to time all over Pakistan as the railways network remains outdated in many places.

“In some areas, they are still using the same network and tracks which were laid before the Partition,” the former official added.



NASA will send 128 glow-in-the-dark baby squids in Space

water bears space


NASA will send little water bears to space

3rd june, NASA will send 128 glow-in-the-dark baby squids and some 5000 tardigrader ( water bears) to the International Space Station for research purposes.
The water animals, which will be lanched aboard SpaceX’s 22nd cargo resupply mission to the IIS. Are part of experimantals that could help Scientists design improved protective measures for astronauts going on Long-duration space travel.

  • why on IIS –

A space station is essentially a large spacecraft that remains in low-earth orbit for extended periods of time. Its like a large laboretory in space, and allows astronauts to came aboard and stay for weeks or months to carry out experiments in microgravity. The international space station has been in space science 1998, and has been known for the exemplary cooperation between the five participating space agencies that run it : NASA (United State), Roscosmos(Russia), JAXA(Japan), EAS(Europe), and CSA(Canada).For over 20 years since its launch, humans have continuously lived and carried out. Scientific investigations on the $150 billion ISS under microgravity conditions. Being able to make breakthroughs in research not possible on earth. As per NASA, the floating laboretory has hosted more then 3000 research and educational investigations from researchers in 108 countries and areas, Carrying out cutting edge research in various disciplines, including biology, human physiology, and physical, material ans space science.

  • Why are the sea animals needed at the ISS?

The water bears and bobtail squid will be involved in experimantals aboard the floating laboretory, will be arriving in the semifrozen state, befor the are thawed out
revived and grown in a spacial bioculture system. One of these studies involves looking at how water bears- tiny animals (around 1 mm) that can adapt to extreme conditions
on Earth, including high pressure, temprature and radiation would behave in a spaceflight environment.

  • What is water bears?

Tardigrades Known Colloquially as water bears or moss piglets are a phylum of eight-legged segmented micro animals. They were first described by the German Zoologist Johann August Ephraim Goeze in 1773, who called them “little water bears“. They have been found everywhere in earth’s biosphere, from mountaintops to the deep sea and mud volcanoes, and from tropical rainforests to the antarctic. Tardigrades are among the most resilient animals knows with individual species able to survive extreme conditions. Researchers will be able to study their hardiness close up, and possibly identify the genes that allow them to become so resilient. By learning how the water bears can survive in low gravity conditions, it would be possible to design better techniques to keep astronauts healthy on long duration space missions.